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Karyn Greenstreet Mastermind Facilitator

Karyn Greenstreet is a mastermind facilitator and small business mentor who helps entrepreneurs develop and launch their own mastermind groups.


In this episode, Karyn shares what to look for in a mastermind if you’re thinking about joining one, as well as her top tips for launching your own group.


MANDEE: Karyn, I’m really stoked to dig into our topic which is all about masterminds today. You are the expert on masterminds and one of the reasons I’m familiar with you is because I’ve taken at least one of your online courses on how to grow and build a mastermind. I’ve discovered being in the equestrian industry space that there’s a lot of confusion around what a mastermind is exactly, so I wanted to talk to you today to unravel what the word mastermind means and what its purpose is.

KARYN: Yeah, the word gets bandied about a lot. People have master classes more than they have mastermind groups, which are really more like a Q&A session or a training session. So it’s confusing to people, and then some have never heard the phrase at all.

KARYN (continued): The idea of a mastermind group is that it’s a group of people who are in a similar situation. They’re all business owners, they’re all trying to get fit, or they’re all trying to be good parents. Whatever their goal is, they come together and they meet on a regular basis so that they can help each other to create smart goals to make good decisions or better decisions, to solve problems fast as they’re moving forward with their action plans. That’s so they can know what they’re doing and the order in which to do things. So it’s this amazing support community. For some people, they create them because let’s say the group has studied a class together and now they’re like, “Okay, great. We’ve studied, but now let’s use it. Let’s support each other while we’re trying to implement what we just learned.”

So, you can see that it can be used in all kinds of different situations. The idea is that people get together and meet consistently in order to help each other, then move forward in whatever way they want to move forward.

MANDEE: When you say meet consistently, what does that look like to you?

KARYN: Well, I always laugh and say there are no mastermind group police. No one’s gonna tell you how to run your mastermind group. Typically, a group might meet once a month or every week; it just depends on what the group is designed for. Let’s say you want to get more physically fit and lose weight. Meeting once a week might be a really smart idea at least for the first few months as you need that support. Some groups only need to meet once a month, because they have a lot to do in between meetings and it’s too much to meet once a week. The point is to be consistent, whatever it ends up being.

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