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mandee-flandersThe Leadline Podcast is hosted by Mandee Flanders, a long-time marketing professional and horse owner from upstate New York.

Mandee has been in the horse industry for over 14 years, getting her start as a young equestrian blogger and social media coach at age 18.

In 2009, she founded Horse Family, a blog for backyard horse owners. After getting married in 2013, she moved to Boston MA and took a brief hiatus from the horse world while she and her husband traveled the US as experiential tour managers. When the couple realized they could live anywhere due to a strong client base and the nature of their work, they returned to northern New York where Mandee once again welcomed horses back into her life. 

Mandee has since significantly reduced her travel schedule (largely due to live event and tradeshow restrictions as of 2020) and now serves the horse industry as a business and marketing coach. She and her husband currently live near Lake Ontario with their cat, bunny, and Paint horse.

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