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#023 – Have you ever shared an idea or a dream with someone only to be shot down or made to feel as though it didn’t matter?

Carly Kade, author of the In the Reins book series and host of the Equestrian Author Spotlight podcast, was working a full-time corporate position when she began to pen the very first novel in her 4-book series. As the initial chapters began to come to life, so did Carly’s excitement, leading her to share some of her early pages with someone close to her. The response left Carly feeling severe self-doubt and disappointment that nearly caused her to quit writing entirely.

Tune in to hear Carly’s story and tips which serve as an important lesson in knowing who to trust with your dreams.

Carly Kade

Connect with Carly Kade at the links below:

Website: carlykadecreative.com
Instagram: @carlykadecreative
Facebook: /carlykadecreative


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