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#030 – Warwick Schiller began sharing his horse training videos online more than 10 years ago with just one goal in mind: to help more people and their horses.

Nearly 25 million YouTube views later, Warwick is admittedly what he calls an “accidental entrepreneur” – someone who had no plan, yet found unexpected success along the way. Today, he is a world-renowned trainer and clinician who runs one of the largest online video subscription services in the horse world.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The story of how Warwick Schiller unintentionally built an online horse training empire using video
  • The dark side of social media and running an internet-based brand, plus tips to cope
  • Why his number one motivation has always been helping people, not the money or success

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Warwick Schiller Horse Training

Connect with Warwick:

Website: warwickschiller.com
Instagram: @warwickschiller
Facebook: Warwick Schiller’s Attuned Horsemanship


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