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Meet Christa Myers

Christa Myers is an equestrian bookkeeper and financial coach who’s hell-bent on debunking the limiting belief that there’s no money in horses.

Limiting beliefs can have a crippling impact on our choices and the path we opt to take. Growing up, Christa was always told, “There’s no money in horses. If you chase your dream, you’ll be broke.”

Listening to these societal norms, Christa initally decided to place her dreams of running a horse business on the back burner. It seemed to be the obvious answer if she wanted to earn a decent income, so off to university she went.

During this time, Christa struggled to let go of her passion and continued to work with horse businesses on the side throughout her schooling. It wasn’t long before she began to build out the idea of combining her love for horses and knowledge of business / financial operations to create her own business.

She began to build the foundation for her dream while working full-time and completing a Business Analysis college program. Nine months into building her business, Christa was able to leave her corporate job.

Today, she helps equestrian entrepreneurs build businesses that are profitable, stable, and fuel their passion.

In this episode, you’ll hear tips about:

  • The proper amount you should be paying yourself out of your business
  • Bank account structures / why they’re important
  • Various bookkeeping software to try (especially if you don’t enjoy using QuickBooks)


Connect with Christa Myers – Equestrian Bookkeeper:

Website: christamyers.com
Instagram: @bookswithchrista
Facebook: /EquestrianBookkeeper


Thank you to our sponsor:

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