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Gascon Horsemanship

The key to business success and longevity is to diversify.


Michael and Kelsey Gascon are two outstanding equine professionals that also make one amazing power couple. Together, they’ve meshed both of their careers and now manage multiple streams of revenue at Gascon Horsemanship, including clinics, retreats, internships, and more!

In this episode, Michael and Kelsey share what it’s like combining two worlds of the equine industry into one enveloping business. They also touch on the effects it’s had on their work/life balance, as well as tips they’ve learned along the way to continue growing a business that’s intentionally aligned with their lifestyle.

You will love hearing about their journey and the advice they have to share about diversifying your business. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, or just getting started, there’s a lesson in it for you!

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Connect with Michael and Kelsey of Gascon Horsemanship:

Website: gasconhorsemanship.com
Facebook: /TheHorseGuru/
Instagram: @thehorseguru


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