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Are you thinking about buying a horse business? It might be easier than you realize.


Iron Horse Animal Health Products is an equine and livestock supplements company that offers quality nutritional products for equines and other four-legged friends. Originally founded in 1967 by Vietnam War vet and practicing veterinarian, Dr. David Swaney, Sierra Seidner and her husband Ben purchased the equine health brand in July 2021 to ensure that the great products so many people love would continue on beyond Dr. Swaney’s retirement.

In episode 48, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into Sierra’s business negotiations and why she and her husband decided to purchase an established horse business versus starting from scratch on their own. She’ll also share a surprising discovery she made about her existing customer base and why it’s so important to hone in on your target audience; they may not always be who you expect.

Buying a horse business


• 2:08-5:37 How Sierra started the process of acquiring Iron Horse Animal Health Products

• 5:37-8:43 Crafting the business deal with the previous owner, Dr. David Swaney

• 8:43-10:10 Changes Sierra made to the company after purchasing

• 10:10-17:11 Key learnings about her newly acquired customers

• 17:11-22:23 Pros and Cons of buying an established business

• 22:23-23:59 Sierra and Ben’s different roles in the work process

• 23:59-26:43 Challenges of serving her unique customer base as a woman

• 26:43-29:10 Tips for anyone interested in buying a horse business

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Sierra of Iron Horse Animal Health Products:

Website: harnessironhorse.com

Facebook: /ironhorseanimalproducts/ 

Instagram: @ironhorseproducts 



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