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A business partnership is like marriage. Are you ready for the commitment? Connie DeMaio and Allison Malenfant of Redingote Equestrian share their tips about how to find the perfect business partner.


From joint decision-making to sharing finances to finding compromise during a disagreement, a business partnership isn’t for everyone.

If you’re thinking about going into business with a partner, you’d best be prepared to spend a LOT of time with one another, according to Redingote Equestrian co-owners and business partners Connie DeMaio and Allison Malenfant, who admittedly see more of one another than they do of their own husbands.

Finding a Business Partner


  • How Connie & Allison met and decided to start Redingote Equestrian
  • The purpose behind their 50/50 ownership split
  • Finding the balance between each others’ skill sets
  • Why compromise is a MUST as business partners
  • Their advice on how to find (and keep!) the perfect business partner

Connect with Redingote Equestrian:

Website: redingoteequestrian.com

Facebook: /redingoteequestrian

Instagram: @redingote_equestrian


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