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#006 – Working a full-time job while trying to run a business on the side can be quite the undertaking for even the most motivated entrepreneur. When to quit your day job is a question that often lurks in the back of your mind.

In this episode, we talk with guest Leah Kaufmann of Dapplebay who shares her story of how she put her dream on hold to the point of selling her business and how she later bought it back to return stronger than ever.

You’ll hear:

  • Why Leah sold her business in 2014 only to buy it back years later
  • How she got serious on the 2nd attempt and when she knew it was time to leave her day job
  • Why hiring a business strategist was the best investment she made in her business to date

If you’ve been wondering when to quit your day job and how other successful entrepreneurs have been able to take this big step, click that play button now and tune in!

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Leah Kauffman – Dapplebay

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