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Åsa Hoffmann (The R.E.A.L. Equestrian) is a licensed psychotherapist with a wealth of experience in holistic performance psychology. She has dedicated her career to helping individuals, including equestrian athletes and entrepreneurs, to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their full potential. Åsa’s unique approach to therapy blends her expertise in mental health with her passion for horses, creating an effective and transformative experience for equestrians.

Åsa Hoffmann


00:02:13 – Mental Health and Equestrianism

00:08:11 – Dealing with Emotional Baggage

00:10:57 – Pressure and Limiting Beliefs

00:13:35 – Slow Down and Take Care of Yourself

00:18:05 – Busy Culture and Self-Care

00:21:10 – Entrepreneurship and Work-Life Balance

00:24:44 – Setting Boundaries with Clients

00:28:05 – Finding the Right Balance

00:30:37 – Scheduling for Success

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