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#012 – Bookkeeping is a skill that every small business owner should have in their entrepreneurial arsenal, whether handled internally or outsourced to a professional bookkeeper. Don’t just ignore your books and hope for the best! (Hint: It won’t work out for the best…)

This episode of The Leadline Podcast has been brought to you by Hillcrest Bookkeeping Solutions.

Sharnette Atkinson is a small business bookkeeper who joins us to share why bookkeeping is an often-overlooked necessity in many equine businesses.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about:

  • Tracking your expenses electronically using QuickBooks
  • How a professional can help you stay up to date on current tax laws and write-offs
  • The best methods to backup your data in the event you’re audited

small business bookkeeper

Additional resources mentioned in this episode:

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